Time to break my writer’s block by posting a few bits and pieces.

This photo is of a painting hanging at Lavantis Restaurant in Parikia, Paros. It includes a quote from a Pablo Neruda poem loosely translated as:

I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.


Escorting some guests through the gauntlet at the port reminded me of this quote from last year:
“There are so many people waiting for you at the dock and trying to get you to come to their place to stay. It is like being a rock star and having reporters screaming at you for a photo.”
From a Travelpod blog.


Another year of awards for Greek olive oil including First Prize in the medium green fruitiness category for the Kritsa Agricultural Cooperative in Lasithi, Crete.

Contestants in this year's awards included 76 olive oil producers from
the 10 member-states of the International Olive Council (Egypt, France,
Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and

Read more at his old post.


I have also written before about Greece’s slow absorption of EU integration rules. The latest report says they are only 1.4% not in compliance. This is their best score yet. On average the rest of the EU, including the new members, have only 1.0% of Internal Market Directives for which the implementation deadline has passed that are not currently written into national law,

EU-wide in terms of open infringement procedures, environmental rules are the source of the highest number of cases (23 percent),taxation and customs union rules (18 percent)are second.


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