Karin spent most of the day translating the liner notes from a music CD that had been loaned to us. It was by a local Aliki man, Vangelis Paroussis, who in 2005 won the Pan-Hellenic Song Competition organized for Senior Citizens--that's for all of Greece. Here is her version of the Greek and the list of songs: we found it beautiful and moving.


There is one day (from all the rest), when May has much gaiety.

It scatters wide open its sweet grin over all Paros. From St. Pantes, Stromboula, Bizani Trypiti, and all the salt marsh called Alyki, and as far as AntiParos.

I am sitting in the courtyard of my house by the sea, where the waves are voracious. I can see in the distance a boundless and immense light crystal blue. Here I see caciques, small sailing boats, trawlers and fishing boats. Some of the fishermen are eagerly starting their engines, untying their ropes and leave for fishing. Following them are troops of gulls, hovering above in a light blue sky, giving one a magic picture.

It speaks strongly, and you know that God is sending all his happiness in this beauty...this place that is called Saltmarsh (Alyki).

My brain is filled with thousands of recollections. They bring back to me my younger years when I also went fishing with my father on days just like this. I use to see, from the sea, the smoke from ovens that the housewives turned on each Saturday in order to cook the bread of the week. The smoke twisted and turned, one with the other as it reached the sky. The roosters crowed, the farmer tilled his field in the first rains of autumn with oxen. The sound of mules and the voices of the ploughmen calling into the wind spoke with such beauty that they sounded like people in love; speaking in affection and pride.

With Love,
Vangelis Paroussis

With a lot of love I have written a few words for AntiParos, that is the birthplace of my grandfather, Vangelis.

I have many sweet memories from my juvenile years. From the first beating of my heart, then from my fun loving and ardent compatriots (friends) who together we played the violins, the gramophones, tambourines and sang songs.

All these prompted me to write these few words for my beloved island, Paros, and with the poor talent that I have, I made these songs.

I want to thank with all my heart my conductor (with his big heart and immense talent), as well as all the other contributors....in particular my nephew Nikos Drakaki, where with devotion he supported this endeavor in order for it to become this beautiful work and make it realized....a small piece from my dream.


1. Preface
2. Paros, My Love
3. Years Gone By
4. Salt Marsh (Alyki)
5. I Did Not Stay
6. A Boat
7. Your Kiss
8. My Glance
9. My Everything Mother
10. Without a Doubt, Your a Star
11. Each Day
12. Because You Leave This Place
13. You Are My Life
14. My Love Remains
15. In the Market of Pireaus
16. Sweet Bow
17. Dazzled With Beauty
18. The Marriage

6/12/07 Update: The photo is of Aliki fishing boats by Ray Keppie.


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Fantastic boat You got my Battle of the Blogs vote :)

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I think it's your turn to get tagged:

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