I wanted to title this post The Windmill but the windmill on Paros is at the ferry port and the focal point of all coming and goings in Parikia.

This particular windmill is at the south end of town near the Pandrossos Hotel. It is the focal point of watching the sun set over the harbour entrance.

This photo was taken about 1993 by Daryl Samuel. See more of her photos on the unfutz blog.

I don't have any current photos other than these two taken from the very nice bar in and around the windmill. It is our traditional place to go for my birthday drink.

It was also featured in the only feature film that I know of filmed on Paros, Brothers. I don't recommend the bawdy romp unless you are desperate for older scenes of Paros and our town policeman, Dimitri, playing an indulgent police chief.

Our Paros Filmmaking Workshop hopes to improve the quality and quantity of films shot on Paros.


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