Each week in October I noticed fewer people in the village and more establishments closing. I thought O.K. winter is here, but now in November it is quieter yet.

Everyone, however, has started work for next season. Our landlord has started construction on a new villa next to us. The photo shows that like nearly everything here, it is a family project.

I noticed that the rock that was dug out was mostly marble. Does that mean we are sitting on a giant crystal?

At the big 23rd Philoxenia fair for the travel industry in Thessaloniki the Association President predicted both the number of visitors and the spending per visitor would be up for 2008. He said that last year high-end hotels increased their revenues by 10%; yachting by 15% and sea cruises by 20% due to targeting of government and association spending. He also said US visitors were up 35% and Russian visitors up 16%.

I have found each year is noticeably different than the previous as to type and nationality of travellers. So I have no crystal ball.


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