For the last month I have been looking at this milestone with trepidation. I have not commented on previous anniversaries or 100 posts but somehow 300 seemed like it should be noted.

However I have come up try for anything special to write about. So I decided to do a retrospective like the professional journalists who take a holiday at the end of the year.

This is my first post, including typing error: 19 September 2005
Hi, I am not sure how I will be using this blog. Since everyone is interested in the weather I will start by saying it is now quite warm and sunny after starting out clowdy. Michael

I've come a long way, ain't I. I should have found my top one or two posts to repeat here but I enjoyed reading the old stuff so much that I didn't get any further than the first two months.

This from 7 October 2005: Antiparos Back Country Beaches
Yesterday was cloud free so Karin and I decided to take the afternoon off and explore a back road on Antiparos that we had not traveled before. Although windy it was a delightful day and we helped replenish our suntans.
It was actually quite hot while we ate our picnic lunch on a small isolated beach. We thought it was the end of the road until afterwards we noticed a mast sticking up between the hills and thus discovered a tour group having lunch on an even better beach. While the guests waved the boat operator seem perturbed that we had spoiled the exclusivity of his offering.

We just moved on to explore some unusual rock formations and some other back country curiosities. For our swim we shared a beach with a retired couple and their camper van at one end and a young nudist couple at the other. We were in the middle literally and figuratively.

This from 14 November 2008: Learn Greek
We just got back from our first Greek language class. It went better than everyone expected, i.e. virtually no grammar. The teacher started with asking us what Greek we already knew and building or reinforcing from there. That is we had all heard and repeated words and phrases that we had questions about. Later the teacher said we would not be conjugating verbs, rather we would memorize and use common forms from everyday speech. Great!

We six students are a mixed bag; one has been living here for about 10 years, Karin and I for 6 seasons, three others just moved here this year but holidayed in Greece before. All of us past the age of easy learning. None of us able to speak a full sentence of Greek.

The hardest word to pronounce χτεσ (htes or chtes) meaning yesterday.

Hmmm, what should I do for post 301?


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