Hey, I have been featured in an interview magazine! Nothing like the ultra high style magazine that was popular in the USA for years, but quality, none the less.

This is a relatively new web site that provides first hand accounts of life abroad from many different countries to many different countries. Take a look at my page than search for something of more interest. Cheers.

Attention Bloggers: Have you taken a look at the new Blog Rush yet. It is having start up pains but the concept promises to deliver targeted traffic in expotential quantities. Try it.


At September 30, 2007 12:06 PM Robinivy said...

Michael, can you believe I just figured out how to write back to you? It's Robin, Jack's friend from Wigan (originally from NYC!). I just took a workshop on blogging so now I have some new found confidence. check out my improved blog at www.whereswigan.blogspot.com. I'll check out your blog now!!


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