The municipality of Paros is sponsoring a series of concerts around the island of the local musical group named En Plo.

The night it came to our area we arrived a few minutes ahead of the publicised starting time of 9 P.M. in order to get good seats. We knew from experience the actual starting time would be much later.

The band warming up.

About 9:15 the group of about 12 strong had completed their tuning and sound checks and started playing. After a few bars they quit and got up from their chairs and strolled off. What's this, a strike? I wondered. No they were just waiting for more time to pass before starting in another 10 minutes or so. Another case of Greek logic that we will never understand, I guess.

The audience waiting in the Angeria church forecourt.

The audience was mostly the older generation with a smattering of young married, not many teenagers. We soon discovered why; the music was all traditional folk -- the people behind us singing along with some of the lyrics. They seemed to be really enjoying it. We left before it was over.


At August 11, 2007 2:48 PM Pijush said...

It would have been nice if you could post a small video of the folk songs as well.


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