Today I had a flashback to my childhood. In the semi-rural/semi-suburban area in which we lived we left our car keys in the ignition and never locked the back door. We only locked the front because it was rarely used. By the time I left the area as a young adult that was no longer the case.

Here on Paros we try to remember to lock the door at night or if we are gone for more than a couple hours, but this morning I noticed my motorscooter keys were in the ignition and the house key was there too. No worry.

Security is not an issue here. Children play on the main streets and beaches well into the night--even in Parikia, the main city. Women can walk anywhere, anytime without expecting trouble. It is not that all of our citizens are upstanding; it is that they have no where to go. We have heard there is crime here, but we have seen no evidence of it. Touch wood.

Sunday evening is family night. This is a photo of grandparents on the Aliki quay.


At March 02, 2006 7:54 PM Mathias said...

I think that is funny because I know just what you are talking about. The United States is a country run by fear of every damn thing under the sun. Even in Canada it's not like that and they are right next door.

I found you via BlogMad and I thought you might like to know that. Peace.


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