As you may have seen elsewhere, BlogMad is now open for business. It is getting mixed reviews. I find it a bit juvenile but like the one to one surfing ratio plus there are plentiful free credits floating around. For the shake down cruise registration is by invitation only. If you comment here and ask for one I will send it to you.

A comfortable, down home community style blog exchange is Blogazoo. Click here to check it out. Blogazoo

Blog Explosion is the biggest and is working hard to stay ahead of the competition. Click on their button in the right column.

An all purpose source of targeted traffic is Link referral. I enjoy searching through the categories.
Link Referral button:

I am currently researching places for effective publication of travel articles. If anyone knows of top notch sites, please let me know.



At March 03, 2006 6:26 PM Jason said...

I'd like an invitation to blogmad. gro.rettemmort@nasoj

At March 04, 2006 12:08 PM Napfisk said...

Seems to be working better for me now. Ugly and bad blogs slowly filtered out, better content appearing. But it does look tacky, doesn't it?

On Paros ey? You lucky x's. Here it's -2 degrees with chances of snow! (Antwerp, Belgium)


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