Monday Scattered Clouds. High: 60° F / 16° C Wind South 31 mph / 50 km/h

Bit windy today but we are going on a ride--picnic--hike anyway. Just to get away and hopefully see some kites flying.

Aah yes, hope springs eternal. Did you hear about this:

Greek hiker finds rare prehistoric pendant
By Costas Kantouris, Associated Press February 17, 2006
THESSALONIKI, Greece -- A Greek hiker found a 6,500-year-old gold pendant in a field and handed it over to authorities, an archeologist said yesterday.

Only three such gold artifacts have been discovered during organized digs, archeologist Georgia Karamitrou-Mendesidi, head of the Greek archeological service in the northern region where the discovery was made, said.
''It belongs to the Neolithic period, about which we know very little regarding the use of metals, particularly gold," she said. ''The fact that it is made of gold indicates that these people were highly advanced, producing significant works of art."
She said the pendant, measuring rough 1 1/2-by-1 1/2 inches, was picked up last year near the town of Ptolemaida, about 90 miles southwest of the northern city of Thessaloniki.

Of course this is a long way from us but whenever we walk along the beaches or across the countryside we have our eyes peeled for treasure. We even bring some home on occasion(we are not like the above woman who unselfishly and according to the law turned hers in). Just last week we found two bricks mortared together with the brick worn away so it looks like a bakery dessert. Karin has a huge collection of bottle glass. I have a piece of driftwood that looks like a bird. Today we find gold?

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