Carnival Weekend and celebration is in the air. Karin noticed a real buzz in town today as well as lots of touristy-looking people around. It is a 3 day weekend with the weather forecast bad for the main land and good for the islands. Below is a report from Jayne, a Brit married to a Greek and living in Preveza.

A word from Jayne:

Despite weather forecasts you can be sure of a mass exodus out of Athens as 'Athenians' travel back to their villages for the 3 day holiday (it always surprises me that children nearly always refer to the father's village as to where their family come from). Clean Monday (or Pure Monday!) starts the 40 day fast to Easter. Monday is the day to fly your kite and eat bloodless creatures of Greece (octopus /shellfish /taramaslata (fish roe dip) etc, etc) amd leavened bread (no yeast).
Hubby decided a few years ago that he'd buy an acrobatic type kite - since then we have been the only family with our kite dive bombing the ground every few minutes - nearly killing off most of Preveza's population! Kids and I sit locked in the car for safety - between .... Jayne get the kite - run - let it go .....This normally ensures an argument filled 'pure monday!' Of course the kids never get to fly the kites - MEN do this tedious task. I remember one year Natalia (then 3yrs old) being ordered to run - hold up the kite - let it go ... the only thing that was leaving the ground was her!!!
Anyway before all this - we have the ladies carnival tonight - but looking out of the window at the never ending rain, I'm not sure if the ladies will be strutting their stuff to the sound of calypso music (doesn't have the same feeling in the rain, does it?)
Brazil has it's 'tits out' carnival - we have our 'thermals on' carnival!

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