One of the drawbacks to living on an idyllic island is maintaining communication with friends and family. We are 11 time zones away from our home town of Aloha, Oregon for instance. We couldn't survive without e-mail that is for sure.

In the past we used MSN Messenger on occassion but it had several drawbacks and limitations. Now we are trying Skype which can be used to telephone people who don't spend time on line, such as my elderly mother.

So I am now learning about the new world of VoIP and the like -- Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest. Skype is in the process of adding video conferencing which is great when both ends have high speed broadband.

My next step will be to earn enough money on the internet to afford a broadband phone. Then I could spend more time on the beach instead of my computer room.

You can help by downloading & using Skype by clicking on this banner. Thank You!


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