We woke up today to a cloudless sky and satin smooth sea - and a forecast of rain storms on their way. So later we packed a picnic lunch and rode off to the other side of the island for an ouzo.

We stopped at a hard to reach beach that I had never been to before yet always looked idyllic from up on the main road. Very pleasant--Karin couldn't resist going into the water. She claims she would have gone skinny-dipping if she had a towel. I offered my handkerchief.

The public footpath to this beach.

The ouzo was nice as well; just sitting in the afternoon sun overlooking the Pizo Livadi beach where young children were playing. It was getting chilly for the ride home, however. High today was about 56 F (13 C); I would guess the water temp was higher but I could not find the figures.

Today's flowers. I am still amazed that there is always something in bloom in the same fields. Each flower takes it's turn through out the year.


At January 23, 2006 2:43 AM Chas Ravndal said...

I like the view of the beach! The water is sooo clear!


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