If I cared about keeping my suntan, I would have been out laying in the sun today. It had real heat to it. Instead I am thinking about taking up fishing--become a real Greek!

Last February, March in Parikia I saw the kamaki (hotel tout) who found me my first room on Paros years ago out at the end of the bay fishing most days. I thought then maybe I should do that as well; then we would be healthier from eating more fish. But I noticed that he spent most of his time just staring at the water, and, of course, the few boats bobbing on it and the scenery in the background. I knew that wasn't fore me; I would rather read or "work" on the computer.

This autumn nearly everyday I notice someone sitting on a pier or the rocks in Aliki harbour with pole in hand. It looks like an attractive way to spend some time in the sun. Now if I could see that they actually catch something, maybe I would give it a try.

We do see more professional fisherman out now and through April because it is the main occupation for those who spend their summers working in the hotels and restaurants. The Parians that is; the Athenians have all gone back to the big city and whatever they do there while waiting for the season to reopen back on Paros.


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