A few weeks ago Anita Miller, who will be conducting a Greek Experience Oil Painting Workshop on Paros in September 2006, wrote the following:

"The unparalleled beauty of this enchanting island offers painters a symphony of blues and golds to inspire their work."

Yesterday Karin and I noticed this photo taken by our friend, Yolanda Verhulst of Amsterdam. A true symphony of blues and golds it was taken on Paros in August 2005 at Aliki, I believe.


At November 11, 2005 10:04 PM J. Hatch said...

living on Paros must be an incredible experience! I have travelled quite ab it in my 35 years but haven't had the fortune of making it to Greece (yet!) My family is still young ( son 4 daughter 10) so I have another 14 years before I resume my nomadic tendencies! I will blogmark you and stop back in to explore more of Paros.
On the topic of the post at BoogalaBlog, there are many of us who blog whatever "catches our fancy" I think we make up the largest contingent of Bloggers.
Let's just keep on keeping on and occassionally we'll discover each other. Those discoveries make the process more exciting, rewarding and certainly more interesting.


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