Looking for a catchy introduction to today's blog I did some research and actually learned something. The phrase "100 kinds of snow" was in my mine but I wanted to check the fact for the exact number. I learned the Eskimo's had only two words for snow--as a skiier I had a lot more than that--yet variations of this phrase are frequently used in introductions to compare to the writer's 100 variations of something.

So moving on, I will use another cliche' instead. Here on the island the "different drummer" that we march to is the wind. Yesterday the prevailing North wind let up in the morning so Karin and decided to drive our mopeds into Parikia. Usually the strong North wind adds 10 minutes to an otherwise 20 minute journey. Well everything went well until the trip home; a Southwesterly wind had sprung up and we now had the headwind on the way back.

Since we were a little chilled and had company coming over we decided to build a fire in the fireplace. By the time I had it burning well, however, the wind had swung around to full Southerly and was quite warm. Karin said it must be hot in Africa and I responded, Yeh, we are helping make it cooler there. HeHe

Well our visiting friends fell asleep in front of the warm fire while watching our favourite video: Waking Ned. Karin and I have seen it at least five times and still laugh through it because we miss Ireland very much.

Though we wouldn't trade it for life here, would we??
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