Ha, there is no such thing. But the blog authorities are going to zap me for going a week without a post, so I have to write something.

Actually, my wife, Karin, decided she wanted to show our English and Dutch friends what an American Thanksgiving was like so we had 6 people over for a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings as they say--except no pumpkin pie. She couldn't find any pumpkin on Paros. It was quite an experience getting the fresh turkey from the local butcher who doesn't speak English. Karin started out wanting about 18 lbs. or 9 kg. He agreed to 7 kg.; when we went to pick it up Wednesday it was 5.5 kg. So not a lot of left overs.

Karin has decided she likes a fresh turkey better than frozen, but it may be better because it is local free range. When we take our morning walks we pass by several plots with turkeys.

Anyway the food was all perfect and we had a great time explaining the food and holiday meaning. The only things missing, other than pumpkin pie, were football and family.


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