I don't want this to become a weather blog, but it has been a major factor lately. We have had a couple weeks of cold, windy, wet weather; lots to complain about, except for the fact that it not near as bad as the more northern areas of Europe, or more northern areas of Greece for that matter.

But today we are back to warm, calm and sunny. I did not need my jacket on my morning walk today. Now for the interesting part of this post. After the several days of southerly winds our Piso Aliki beach is covered with small bits of seaweed to foot or more in depth. The next storm will wash it all away again, so I have gathered some as mulch for our flower garden and fertilizer for the vegetables next spring. I feel like such a resourceful pioneer.

It does make us feel good to use local products whenever possible. Years ago Karin went out with one of the Greek ladies gathering horta (wild greens) in the fields, but she didn't go back soon enough to remember what to pick. Now when I see something that looks lush and green I ask her but we are both too timid to pick it, cook it and then eat something we are not sure about. So we need to watch for another Greek lady out in a field.

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