Here it is November and many of the remaining shops, restaurants and bars are closing with their proprietors going back to Athens until next April or Orthodox Easter, whichever comes first.

Still, Paros and especially Parikia still has some bustle. I recently went through the commercial section about 11 A.M. and was quite impressed with all the activity of people going about their business.

Paros is truly a year around island. There are no large employers; I am guessing the school system is the largest as there are a lot of kids around. After that it is the rest of the government and utilities as large employers. The rest is small scale fishing and farming--or maybe construction. Everyone who lives here is concerned about all the new construction. You know the syndrome: Now that I am in, let's raise the drawbridge.

Anyway, we still have a good choice of stores, restaurants and bars and even the archeological Museum stays open through the winter. Come take a look at what has been found on Paros.

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