Official naming of Blue Star Paros

The most common question that we are asked about travel involves ferry schedules. Ferries are subject to a great many more variables than trains, for instance, so they are seen as "unreliable". To me, rather, it is just part of the Greek island experience to be more relaxed and tolerant of the uncertainties caused by wind, water, holidays and even labour strikes.

Also there is constant tussle between the ferry companies, the government, island interests and who knows who about which islands should be served how often and costing how much. As a result final schedules are usually not available more than a few weeks ahead of the new season. So the traveler finds it impossible to fully coordinate flights and ferries--again part of the Greek experience. More than one travel advisor has warned that precise planning and Greece travel are incompatible.

My favourite site for ferry schedules is Greek Travel Pages Others like Greek Ferries

More information about getting to Paros on our Greece page at


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