May and June appear to be the most popular months to hold labor actions. The traveler to Greece who does not watch Greek television or read the newspapers should always check and recheck with their accommodation manager or a local travel agent about their travel plans for the next day.

For instance the ANA announced that all archaeological sites would be closed on Sunday, 18 May. The Athens taxi drivers didn't work on Monday, 12 May--of course that is so common it is not newsworthy. On Thursday, 15 May the port workers in Piraeus and Thessaloniki are holding some kind of protest. Oh yes, you can't forget that the tankers making deliveries to petrol stations have been striking for at least a week. That's one way to reduce traffic.

Of course this affects island life as well. Last week, if not this week too, propeller airplane pilots were in a "go slow" mode. Meaning you didn't know if they would show up for work or not. So passengers would have to show up at the airport to find out if they had a flight or not. Ferry strikes are common as well. The traveller should always have flexibility in their schedule. Can you think of a better place to be stranded than Paros?


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