The Paros Library has recently upgraded their web site. It is very well done; I think it is part of a nation-wide project.

It is a good example, however, of language difficulties we frequently come across. That is many of the titles, links, boxes, etc. are in English, but the information is in Greek. In this case they have translated the Home page and with a little persistence you can find useful information in English. Probably even where to learn Greek.

Go to this page then click English near the upper right corner:

Visitors to Paros should know that it is quite easy to get a Library Card and to use their computers rather than at an Internet Cafe'. They have a few foreign language books including a pretty good collection of English classics. What is not easy is finding the library. It is at a small square buried in Old Town. Don't worry if you get lost; there will be something else interesting around the next corner.


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