I have blogged before about the palace city of Knossos on Crete. . It is most famous for the legends surrounding the reign of King Minos, who commissioned the fabled Labyrinth of Greek mythology.

Karin and I went there several years ago and it is still vivid in our minds. They have done an impressive job of reconstruction and the museum exhibitions are full of authentic ancient art work. Now much of it will be on display in New York.

From the Land of the Labyrinth: Minoan Crete, 3000-1100 B.C.

This exhibition, in its first showing outside of Crete, will open on March 13 at the Onassis Cultural Center in New York and will run through September 13. On display will be more than 280 artifacts and works of art from ancient Minoa(now Crete). These fascinating objects seen together bring to life the story of the first palatial civilization to establish itself on European soil.

There will also be related lecture series, guided tours, and an international conference that will close the exhibition.

This paragraph is a direct quote:
“The island of Crete is equidistant from the three continents of Africa, Asia, and the European mainland. As a result of this advantageous location, the Minoans experienced a period of active trade with the other civilizations around the Mediterranean basin and maintained control over the sea routes. They exported timber, foodstuffs, cloth, and olive oil and in turn imported tin, copper, silver, emery, precious stones, and some manufactured objects. For their basic needs, however, the Minoans were entirely self-sufficient."

This article was re-written from a ANA report that was taken from the exhibit press release. Read more at the source: http://www.onassisusa.org/


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