Auction Ads is going from strength to strength. This group allows bloggers and webmasters to harness the power of eBay in a fun and profitable way. Read all about it on their site; it is simple and easy.

Use this link and they will start you out with a $25 credit to your account. There are no charges; they pay you when your commission earnings reach $50.

Sep 16 Update: See sample ad at the foot of this page.

Sep 11 Update: $25 Sign-up Bonus must be the in thing. Now Capital One is offering two for each new credit card--one for you and one for me. So if you would like a Capital One card contact me by Comment or email and I will give you the code that allows each of us to have $25 credited to our accounts.

Sep 17 Update: The blog traffic exchange site Blog Soldiers is running a special offer as well. Take a look!


P.S. Those looking for Greek island content keep reading below.


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