Today I was transitioning between chores (read relaxing on the internet) and in my StumbleUpon network discovered a great site showing birds and other wildlife from Greece.

It is by wildlife photographer Panos Oikonomou.

See more photographs

This is one of Pano's photos of a hoopoe. We saw one from our veranda two years ago.

I just recently discovered StumbleUpon and am really enjoying it.

The large photo is one we took of a wierd rock formation in a remote part of Antiparos.

Read about the Aegean Wildlife Hospital on Paros.


At June 21, 2007 4:09 AM Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't they just beautiful. I had a hoopoe hop onto the wall of patio, just feet away from me, when I lived on the south side of Tenerife. It really is a spectacular bird you never forget seeing, isn't it?


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