I would like to say that Greece is advancing into modern times in leaps and bounds but actually it is crawling and dragging in many ways. Of course everyone knows that Greece abounds with ancient sites and museums full of antiquities. Yet all too often the visitor has a difficult time knowing what they are seeing or it's significance to western civilization.

Well, based on a recent government announcement this situation will be greatly improved in another two years--they say 14 months, but nothing is ever on time. The Culture Ministry is spending 10 million Euro for wireless audio guides and automated ticket systems. This admittedly long delayed program will be on a trail basis for the following sites: Mycenae, Lindos on Rhodes, Delphi, and the Archaeological Museums at Athens and Thessalonica.

You can bet it will be even longer getting to the Acropolis where a great many people are employed as guides and ticket sellers/takers. Despite low unemployment and plentiful labor from immigrants Greece still has a strong culture of job protection. So progress comes slowly for those looking at statues and wondering who they represent.

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