Until we have a three dimensional video with touch and smell I will not be able to do justice to our village festival. In short you just have to be there to sense the atmosphere.

All in all in was a good show--although a day late according to some--. The highlight is the dancing in which everyone participates--I even clicked my fingers as I walked down the beach. Karin demonstrated her grace and rhythm to everyone walking down the street.

My photo doesn't show any of the older folks but a few of them were the best and longest lasting dancers. Karin's favourites are the pre-school girls who lose all inhibition.

The festival in honor of Transfiguration of Christ (Panigiri tou Sotiros) is held every August 6th. But this year that is a Sunday so some committee must have decided Saturday would be better and so published a notice. So we went over early on Saturday to get a good bird's eye view table at our favourite bar and waited, and waited and finally went home a few drinks later. In other words no one else paid any attention to the change in date.

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