For the second time this holiday season deTraci Regula of About Network has featured this blog on her blog and now her newsletter that goes out to boucou subscribers. So I feel compelled to talk more about Christmas on Paros even though I have been negligent about taking photos.

Last week we went to the local charity bazaar. It is quite well organised and very well attended due to participation by all the youth groups and other island organizations. On sale is everything from home-made baked goods to Greek pop music calendars as well as second-hand junk. Our friend Patricia who also runs her own bazaar in Aliki does quite well with her chutneys and specialty jams.

Karin spent time examining the hand-made jewelry while I checked out the main "grab bag" booth. For 5 Euro you got two chances at a dazzling array of prizes--from a new bicycle, used computer, to countless bottles of wine and bags of cookies. I should have been clued-in by the still large assortment on the last night, but I thought with so much available surely I will get something for my fiver. Wrong! I drew two blank pieces of paper. So the universal phrase comes to mind: Oh, well. It's for a good cause.

If my blog and web site is not enough Greek information for you, do check out deTraci's Greece for Visitors. It is very high quality and informative. She is a professional at keeping up on all things Greek.


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