I have been to Paros many times and I recently wrote a poem about my experiences there. People who have read it say it makes them want to go to Greece immediately, so I thought you might be able to use it on your website. Hopefully, it will help increase your bookings!
The Greek people have always been very kind to me during my visits so I would love to be able to give something back to them.
I have posted the poem below. You can also view it with reader's comments at this page -
Thanks and best wishes,
Mark Rickerby


Raven hair falling across the pillow.
Denim hanging over a wooden chair.
Half-written poems litter the table.
The village is dancing, everywhere.

This frenetic crossroads of the world,
bursting with life, is heaven to me.
So many people I haven't met yet!
So many places I've yet to see!

The wind is cool but the sun is rising.
Bikes are waiting, tickets to anywhere.
We'll ride this morning through the hills
then relax in the sand without a care.

Tropical oils are carried by ancient winds
as life-loving hedonists deepen their tans.
A girl weaves bright threads into your hair.
A radio plays melodies from faraway lands.

I dive from a cliff into the bright blue Aegean
and return to you, fresh as a newborn child.
We lie together on rocks 'til we're golden brown,
then rush back home to heed the call of the wild.

On the way, a smiling man sells us homemade red wine
as a spectacular sunset ends one more perfect day.
The yellow lights of the village flicker and twinkle
inviting everyone to come and eat, dance and play.

What else could we need in life? What else but this?
Reveling in all that it is to be human and young.
How many live lifetimes never knowing this feeling?
How many die with their sweetest songs unsung?

So come with me, now - not tomorrow or "someday".
Right now! Pack your bags. We're leaving tonight.
The wide world is throbbing outside our windows.
It's time to do EVERYTHING we said that we might!

- Mark Rickerby


At March 03, 2008 9:48 PM Elizabeth said...

Mr. Rickerby,

I read a poem of yours in a book and googled your name to see if I could find more and found this amazing poem! I went to the Greek islands for one magical month when I was younger so I can say that you really captured the spirit of the islands and the wonderful Greek people. Thank you for brightening my day!



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